Of Princes and Frogs

Young Disney fans are probably excited, waiting to see The Princess and the Frog.  If the movie has made you want to revisit the old story of The Frog Prince, here are a few versions (traditional and non-traditional) that you can find at your library:

The Frog and the Princess and the Prince and the Mole by John B. Bear

The Frog Princess by Rosalind Allchin

The Frog Prince, a retelling of Grimm’s Fairy Tale

The Frog Prince by Edith Tarcov

The Frog Prince, Continued by Jon Scieszka

The Frog Princess by Elizabeth Isele

The Frog Princess: A Tlingit Legend from Alaska by Eric Kimmel

The Frog Princess of Pelham by Ellen Conford

The Frog Principal by Stephanie Calmenson

Davey’s Blue-eyed Frog by Patricia Harrison Easton

Do Princesses Really Kiss Frogs?  by Carmela LaVigna Coyle

The Prince of the Pond by Donna Jo Napoli

Snog the Frog by Tony Bonning

If you’re feeling crafty, Princess Crafts has ideas for costumes, activities, and more inspired by The Frog Prince and other fairy tales.

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