New links to help you find books

Did you know the library website can help you figure out what book to read next?  (We librarians can help with this, too, but if nobody is handy it’s nice to have options.)  One place to look is the I need something to read! page, which now has links to eight different sites that will help you choose a book.  You can browse new books, search for a title to meet your age and your interests, or find out the name of the next book in the series you’re reading., created by author James Patterson, is the newest link added to this page.  Along with lists of kids’ favorite old and new books, it has ideas for parents who want to get their kids to read and lesson plans for teachers who want to use books in their classrooms.

Another site with helpful advice for kids, parents, and teachers is  You’ll notice the picture book recommendations right away on this site, including some great lists of recommended books for different holidays.  The site also suggests songs, fingerplays (think “Itsy Bitsy Spider”), and crafts to go with certain books or themes.  If you look a little deeper, you can also find recommended books for older children that tie into school curriculum topics.  This site is the newest addition to our list of Teachers’ Tools, which features links to resources like lesson plans and printable handouts.  -Miss Sarah

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