Hey, kids! Snowflake fun!

I found an easy way to make snowflakes on your computer!  It’s as easy as dragging your mouse!  Click on http://www.popularfront.com/snowdays/ to try it.

A picture at the side shows you exactly what it will look like at each cut.

Use the undo button, if you change your mind about making a cut.

After you’re done, your snowflake will drift down on the screen.  Just click on it to see it bigger.  You can print your own flake or anyone else’s.

Other people all over the country are making flakes!  You can also see theirs by clicking on them.

If you like, you can add your name (for safety, I suggest first name only) and city or state.  You can also make a comment on your snowflake or someone else’s.  Try it out.  It’s so fun you may not want to stop!  -Miss Susan

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