Music for the Whole Family

Yesterday (when I happened to have the day off) I heard a wonderful piece on the radio featuring a local music critic talking to performers from the Chicago area:

Eight Forty-Eight – Kids Music that Parents Can Enjoy, Too.

Ralph Covert (of Ralph’s World), Justin Roberts, and Jeanie B. discuss not only their own work, but also musicians like Ella Jenkins and shows like Schoolhouse Rock that influenced them.  (Justin Roberts tells a wonderful story about some other musicians who were influenced by Ella Jenkins, too.)  You can read the interview online, but I would suggest downloading it so you can hear snippets of the songs being discussed.

The whole piece can serve as a starting point for discovering excellent music.  Some of the children’s music from earlier generations, and some of the performers making CDs today, may be new to you.  The people I have mentioned above are not the only ones covered.  (Did you know Ziggy Marley was featured on Dora’s World Adventure?  I sure didn’t.)  Best of all, you can find all of them in the library collection.  -Miss Sarah

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