Crafts for National Library Week

Hello Artists!  Come celebrate National Library Week 2010 with us Monday, April 12th – Friday, April 16th by making a different craft each day!  Daily craft-making will be going on all 5 days at both Bolingbrook and Romeoville libraries, in the Children’s Services Department and is for all ages.

This year’s theme is “Communities Thrive @ Your Library” and we’re focusing on what Bolingbrook and Romeoville communities have in common.  For example, did you know that both have airports?  Old Route 66 goes right through both towns too! Let’s celebrate these cool facts with some fun and creative crafts in honor of the fantastic communities that we live in!

Monday, April 12th: “Hanging Dice” craft for Old Route 66

Tuesday, April 13th: “Crane with Stones” craft for the quarries

Wednesday, April 14th: “Moveable Boat” craft for the river passageways

Thursday: April 15th: “Plane in the Sky” craft for the airports

Friday, April 16th: “Cows on the Farm” craft for the dairy farms

So come learn about your community by making crafts that remind us of the great place we live!  – Miss Carly

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