Food for Fines

Do you have some fines from overdue books?  The library will erase them if you bring in non-perishable food for our food drive by the end of the week.  Fines are supposed to help motivate you to bring back your materials on time.  We don’t want fines to keep anyone from using the library!  Just bring in your cans or boxes of food to the circulation (check out) desk.  We are not accepting food to pay for the cost of lost items, so here is a handy list of places where I have found my own missing checkouts– maybe you can find yours in the same place!

  • In a bookcase with my own books (I did this with one of my favorite library books as a kid and didn’t find it for two to three years)
  • Behind or under furniture
  • Underneath the seats in the car
  • In my backpack
  • In the DVD or CD player
  • In the case for a different DVD or CD

-Miss Sarah

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