New CD order

Many of you have been waiting patiently as we switch our music CDs from a Dewey decimal number shelving system to an alphabetical shelving system.  I’m happy to tell you that we’re almost finished making the changes in the children’s department.  Here’s a list of the new, alphabetical categories and what you can expect to find in each:

Activity: songs you can move to (such as Hap Palmer or Jim Gill)

Americana: songs about America, traditional patriotic songs, and regional American music

Blues: blues music for children

Christian: traditional hymns, Sunday School songs, etc.

Classical: classical music for children including Baby Einstein, Beethoven Lives Upstairs, opera for children, introductions to the orchestra, etc.

Country: country, western, and cowboy music for children

Dance: folk dancing and other dance music

Education: school skills, memorization aids, Speechercise, Sing ‘n’ Sign

Folk: traditional songs and songs to sing around the campfire

French: French language songs

Greek: Greek language materials

Holiday: Christmas, Easter, General, Halloween, and Kwanzaa

Jazz: jazz music for children

Jewish: klezmer, Jewish holidays, and songs about Jewish topics

Karaoke: karaoke songs for children

Lullabies: lullabies

Movies: soundtracks and songs from movies

Musicals: musicals and showtunes for children

Muslim: songs about Muslim topics

New Age: New Age style music for children

Nursery Rhymes: Mother Goose and other traditional rhymes

Pop: Selena Gomez, Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice, etc.

Radio: Radio Disney and radio shows

Ragtime: ragtime music for children

Rap: rap music for children

Reggae: reggae music for children

Relaxing: sounds, stories, or music for reflection, calming, or relaxation

Rock: Kidz Bop, classic rock music for children, etc.

Songs: children’s songs (most of our collection) including performers like Raffi, Laurie Berkner, etc.

Soul: soul music for children

Spanish: Spanish language songs and stories

TV Shows: music from children’s television shows

World: music from around the world or from specific countries

If you have any questions, please ask a librarian!

-Miss Sarah

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