Notes from the Writers’ Workshop

For all of you aspiring writers, here’s what we worked on in Writers’ Workshop the first week.

When you watch a movie you don’t need to imagine the scene; it’s all right in front of you.  When you read a story the author has to make sure you can really “see” the scene he/she is trying to show you.  A good author can make you “see” the story as if you are watching a movie.

Good descriptive writing can be the difference between an O.K. story and a story that transports you to another world.  How can you make your writing more descriptive?  It’s all in the details.  Writer’s pay attention and notice details that other people might not.

Most people notice what something looks like– but what about using your other senses?  Try paying attention to all your senses.  What do you see, hear, feel, taste, and smell?  Adding details can make your writing more descriptive and you can make your reader “see” your story.

The cat was mad.

That’s an okay sentence but every reader might see a different cat.  Was the cat really mad or just a little?

The cat was as black as coal and his mood was just as dark.  A low grumble started in his chest as his fur stood up and his claws came out.

The more detail you include the clearer the picture becomes.

Give it a try.  Can you make these sentences more descriptive?  Use lots of details and more than one of your senses.

The cat was mad.

The sky was grey.

The grass was green.

The water was cold.

-Miss Chris

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