Help finding books for beginning readers

Come take a look at how we have improved the Easy Reader section.

Choosing the right Easy Reader will be a lot easier now that they are categorized.

The different categories are marked with bright “letter” stickers to help you find the one you want.

Level A:  Pre-emergent Reader

Kindergarten to middle of first grade, Guided Reading Levels A-B

These books are appropriate for Phonics Instruction, Shared reading, and Repeated Reading.

These books have:

One to two lines of print per page

Repeating pattern

Pictures match text very closely

Phonics-based books teach letter sounds.

Level B:  Emergent Reader

Middle of Kindergarten through First Grade, Guided Reading Levels C-E

These books have:

Two to seven lines of print per page

Simple sentences with lots of repetition

Pictures match text closely

Level C:  Beginning Readers

Middle of First Grade to Second Grade, Guided Reading Levels F-l

These books have:

More words on a page, more sight words

Some repetition and rhyming

Many words with inflectional endings (s, es, ed, ly, etc.)

High level of picture/photo support

Varying punctuation

Level D:  Early Fluent –Fluent Readers

Second Grade to early Third grade, Guided Reading Levels J-M

These books have:

More complex story structure

More episodes and action in the story

Multi-syllable words, compound words, some complex spelling patterns

Some are chapter books.

-Miss Mary

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