Owls Galore

If you’re looking forward to the new Legend of the Guardians movie, or if you already love the Guardians of Ga’Hoole series of books, here are a few websites to enjoy:

The Guardians of Ga’Hoole site from Scholastic has facts about owls, printable art and activities, and a book discussion guide.

Kathryn Lasky’s Study has short descriptions of the author’s books, movie news, fan art, and answers to questions about being an author.

The Legend of the Guardians movie website features the trailer, online games, downloads for your home computer, and more.

LibraryPalooza has a downloadable activity book and posters you can print.

Stephanie Stokes from LibraryPalooza shared a bunch of online resources for owl crafts and activities.  (Thanks, Ms. Stokes!)  Older kids who are reading the books might enjoy these:

Felt Owl Craft with a felt feathers around a foam ball base

Many owl crafts using different techniques

Owl Ornaments with Button Eyes for those with sewing skills

Standing Owl made from a paper bag

Activity Village has instructions for an origami owl.  It used to have a simplified one for younger children, too (that link seems to have disappeared, but here is one for something similar).

If you want more crafts for a younger child, you could try some of these:

A Stuffed Owl made from a tube sock

Paper Bag Puppets from Dabble Arts and Crafts, Origami n’ Stuff 4 Kids, or Mount Prospect Public Library

A variety of activities from Preschool Express (not just for preschoolers)

Or the Owl Mask from (with storytime suggestions) from the blog Awesome Storytime.

Thanks again to Ms. Stokes for the great suggestions!

-Miss Sarah

2 responses to “Owls Galore

  1. ‘please write back’
    hello i am nine years old i was wondering how can kids make a blog on the fountaindal public library website

    • Thanks for writing! The blogs on the library website are set up so that only the people who work at the library write for them. If you would like to add some online content, you can make a comment on a blog post or you can create an account in the library catalog and write reviews of books. You can also write me back and suggest things you would like to see on the blog. -Miss Sarah

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