Hats and Boots and Chaps and . . .

Cowgirl Peg will be visiting the library on Friday afternoon, October 1, for a chance to meet this horse expert and author.  You can even buy one of her books and have it signed.  Get ready by checking out  these great books about Cowboy and Cowgirl style.

Armadillo Rodeo
by Jan Brett

Boots for Beth
by Alex Moran

Boss of the Plains
by Laurie M. Carlson

Casey’s New Hat
by Tricia Gardella

The Cowboy ABC
by Chris Demarest

Cowboy Sam and Those Confounded Secrets
by Kitty Griffin

Don’t Touch My Hat
by James Rumford

Hats are for Watering Horses: Why the Cowboys Dressed that Way
by Mary Blount Christian

Levi Strauss: The Man Behind Blue Jeans
by Carin T. Ford

Stormy’s Hat
by Eric A. Kimmel

Tyler’s New Boots
by Irene Morck

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