If you ever wondered what it tastes like

Harry Potter fans, have you ever wondered what butterbeer would taste like?  If you’re too young to go to Hogsmeade, you might go with your family to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (which sells it to tourists).  You can also experiment in the kitchen.  The  blog Bakingdom has instructions making your own non-alcoholic butterbeer!

I’m not sure if butterbeer is included in The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook, since all the library’s copies are currently checked out.  The book has a mixture of recipes for British Muggle foods mentioned in the series as well as the more fanciful foods of the wizarding world.

If you’d like to explore in a slightly different direction, you might also look at The Secret Garden Cookbook or The Narnia Cookbook.  Both have standard British recipes mentioned in the children’s books that inspired them (and in some cases, also mentioned in the Harry Potter series).  The former has historical information about food in the time the story is set; the latter has information about what author C. S. Lewis and his family liked to eat.

-Miss Sarah

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