Thanksgiving Notes from the Writer’s Club

This month we looked at persuasive writing. Have you ever tried to convince your best friend to share his snack?  Have you ever tried to talk your little brother into watching your TV show when he has the remote? Have you ever tried to persuade your parents into getting you that new game you want?  We all have tried to convince someone else to listen to our side of things. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Some of us will enjoy traditional Thanksgiving dinner turkey and all the trimmings.  Whatever your family’s tradition we hardly ever think about how the turkey feels.  Pretend you are the turkey. Write a persuasive story to convince the family that is about to have you for dinner to eat tofu instead.

Take a look at one of my favorite Thanksgiving books and see how persuasive these two turkeys can be.

Have fun!  Gobble Gobble!

-Miss Chris

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