Staff favorites: Christmas stories (part 1)

A widow and her son are new to the village where Jonathan Toomey lives.  He is the town’s best wood carver but a very gloomy man.  The widow asks him to make her a Christmas crèche and she wants it done for Christmas. With her son’s descriptions of the crèche pieces, Jonathan slowly becomes a happier man.  He arrives at the widow’s home Christmas morning with the new crèche.

-Miss Cathy

A few other children’s books also feature a crèche, or Nativity scene, like these:

175 easy-to-do Christmas crafts
175 Easy-to-do Christmas Crafts
edited by Sharon Dunn Umnik
Kids can follow the directions to make a crèche (or other gifts and decorations) using recycled materials.

Mortimer's Manger
Mortimer’s Manger
by Karma Wilson
Unhappy in his cramped, cold hole, Mortimer Mouse moves into a nativity scene thinking it is the perfect home for him, until he discovers who truly belongs there.

Saint Francis and the Nativity
Saint Francis and the Nativity
by Myrna Strasser
Where do Nativity scenes come from?  Traditionally, St. Francis of Assisi gets the credit for inventing them, as explained in this picture book.

A Small Miracle
A Small Miracle
by Peter Collington
The figures in a nativity scene come to life to help an old woman in need in one of Peter Collington’s unusual, wordless comic books.

-Miss Sarah

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