It’s a Wonderful Life

Every Christmas Eve when everyone is sleeping my mother and I would stay up late to watch It’s A Wonderful Life.  I remember one year when the DVD players came out.  Our VHS player was broken so we bought a new DVD player.  Unfortunately, our movie was only in VHS.  We didn’t realize that we couldn’t watch our movie until it was to late.  We didn’t get to watch our movie that year.  In fact, we didn’t have the movie for a while in DVD.  After a few years I finally found it and bought it!  That Christmas Eve when everyone was sleeping I snuck downstairs where I knew my mother would still be up.  I showed her what I bought and we both cried because we finally had our tradition back.  We watched our movie that night for the first time in a long time.  It’s little moments like that which help to remind me what the holidays are really about: Family.

-Miss Ashley

P.S. If you like It’s a Wonderful Life, you may like this new book:

It's a Wonderful Life for Kids
It’s a Wonderful Life for Kids by Jimmy Hawkins
It’s not the movie in picture book form, but its own new story.  George and Mary Bailey’s eight-year-old son Tommy gets some help from an angel-in-training named Arthur.  -Miss Sarah

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