12 Days of Christmas

The Twelve Days of Christmas
by Rachel Isadora

This familiar holiday tune gets a fresh presentation, with Isadora’s signature style.  The rebus style text gives the young child a fun way to follow along. Despite being a European song it does well in an African village setting.  The song is familiar, but in this version, the maids milk goats not cows and the lords are masked dancers from Mali.  Instead of five golden rings they are five golden neck rings.  This setting gives an old song new zest.

Now if you would like to purchase the original items from the Twelve Days of Christmas, it would cost you $96,824.00.  This is a 10.8 percent increase over last year.  If you cannot afford that then try one of the items per day for a cost at $23,439.00.  For most of us a partridge costs $12.00 and add in a few pears.

-Miss Mary

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