Need a personal shopper?

Sometimes parents and grandparents come to the library asking for advice about what books would make good gifts for their children.  The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books (which reviews new books as they are published) just released its list of recently published books that would make good gifts.  The list has books for young children through teenagers, including picture books, chapter books, and nonfiction.  A short description of each book will help you match the right gift to the right kid.

Do you have a child who’s more into music?  You might want to check out the Fids and Kamily Music Awards.  They specialize in recommending music that both children and parents will enjoy.  This list also includes short descriptions of what to expect on each of the top ten albums.

‘Tis the season for years’ best lists, so we may have more for you soon!

-Miss Sarah

One response to “Need a personal shopper?

  1. Two book bloggers have also created a list of suggested gift books at
    ranging from picture books to novels for high school students.

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