Memories of The Dolls’ House by Rumer Godden

When I was a child, I remember reading The Doll’s House by Rumer Godden.  Oh how I loved this book.   The Dolls’ House was one of my favorite books because the story took place in a doll house.  I remember my sister and I had a big, pink doll house with six rooms.  We had so much fun arranging our dolls in the rooms.  Each one of the dolls had different names and their own personality.  No two dolls were the same.   I feel that the author of this book does an excellent job of getting children to use their imaginations.

The author, Rumer Godden, has written several other books.  Some other wonderful stories about dolls coming to life are Miss Happiness and Miss Flower and The Story of Holly & IvyHolly & Ivy is the perfect book to read during the holiday season.   I am absolutely sure any reader with a great imagination would enjoy and find great pleasure in reading these books.

– Miss Cynthia

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