Early favorites for the Rebecca Caudill Award

Our online reading clubs have been in full swing since November 1.  Participants in the Rebecca Caudill club, for grades 4 through 8, have logged the following favorite books on the list of 2011 nominees:

Found, by Margaret Peterson Haddix.  Thirteen years ago, a mysterious, unscheduled plane landed at an airport.  It was filled with babies – and no adults!  Now several children who were on that plane are caught in a conflict between rival forces.

11 Birthdays, by Wendy Mass.  Two children born on the same day in the same hospital have celebrated their birthdays together all their lives.  After a misunderstanding on their tenth special day, they refuse to share their eleventh.  When it comes, that day gets odd – it keeps repeating itself!

The Great Wide Sea, by M. H. Herlong.  After the sudden death of their mother, 16-year-old Ben and younger siblings Dylan and Gerry are taken by their father on short notice on a sailing trip around the Caribbean.  Their father becomes increasingly tyrannical on board – until he disappears.

Scat, by Carl Hiaasen.  On a field trip to Black Vine Swamp in Florida, unpopular biology teacher Mrs. Starch disappears.  Does class misfit Smoke have something to do with it?  Nothing is as it appears as Nick and Marta solve this environmental mystery.

My favorite nominated title is Schooled, by Gordon Korman.  Cap (for Capricorn) Anderson, homeschooled all his life by his grandma on a farm commune, must join the eighth-grade class of the public school when she breaks her hip.  His naiveté and latter-day-hippie appearance make Cap the object of ridicule within the complex social structure of the class.

Miss Nancy

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