Chapter books for Kwanzaa

As I wrote earlier, there are more nonfiction books about Kwanzaa than fiction.  If you’re looking for a chapter book, here are a few suggestions for stories and a few meatier nonfiction books:

Celebrate Kwanzaa
Celebrate Kwanzaa
by Linda Jacobs Altman
Read how Kwanzaa compares to other harvest festivals, about the life of the man who created the holiday, and what makes the holiday meaningful.

Coming Together
Coming Together: Celebrations for African American Families
by Harriette Cole and John Pinderhughes
Brimming with sample menus, easy-to-follow recipes, and unique ideas, this book starts with Kwanzaa and moves on to Christmas, naming ceremonies, and family reunions.

Have a Happy… : A Novel by Mildred Pitts Walter
Upset because his birthday falls on Christmas and will therefore be eclipsed as usual, and worried that there is less money because his father is out of work, eleven-year-old Chris takes solace in the carvings he is preparing for Kwanzaa

How to Lose your Class Pet
How to Lose Your Class Pet
by Valerie Wilson Wesley
(the first book in the series Willimena Rules)
When third-grader Willimena loses the class pet, her teacher helps her to understand that responsibility means doing one’s best, and that animals can’t always be controlled.  So what does this book have to do with Kwanzaa?  I first heard about it in a Horn Book article, which pointed out that Willimena’s dad calls his daughters “the Sisters Umoja,” especially when they fight.  Umoja, or “unity,” is one of the principles of Kwanzaa.

It's Kwanzaa Time
It’s Kwanzaa Time!
by Linda and Clay Goss
Stories, recipes, and activities introduce the holiday of Kwanzaa and the ways in which it is celebrated.

Kwanzaa: A Family Affair
Kwanzaa: A Family Affair
by Mildred Pitts Walter
Learn about the origins and symbols of Kwanzaa and discover ways to celebrate this holiday.

-Miss Sarah

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