Who moved my library?

By now, you might have already heard that we have put our storytimes and other regular programs on “pause” while we get ready to move into the new library.  You have probably also heard that the library will be closed while we move from the old building to the new building.  So what can you do instead of going to storytime at the library?  How can you take care of your homework while the library is closed?

We’ve been working on gathering that information for you.  You can find library closing and reopening information on our website.  It includes the “last chance” dates to do things like request a book through Inter Library Loan, tells you where to find online help for your homework, points you to local libraries where you can check out books or use computers while the Fountaindale Library is closed, and even says what we will be doing with the old furniture.

If you need some things to do with your family, take a look at the Local Activities we list on our website.  They include schedules for storytimes at local bookstores (and at Panera), nearby museums, places to enjoy nature or indoor sports, and more.  You can also find ideas in our parent and teacher links for crafts to make and things to do together as a family.

Children who are looking for things to do might also want to look at our Fun and Games links, which have both online games and ideas for things to do offline, and our links to sites where you can read a book online.

Thank you all for your patience as we make this big change.

-Miss Sarah

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