Need an adventure?

Is life a little quiet right now?  On days like that, there’s nothing like a good adventure story!  Here are a few new books for adventurous readers:

Wildfire Run
Wildfire Run
by Dee Garretson

You are the son of the President of the United States of America.  The first family is at Camp David during an earthquake in Missouri.  A chain of events happen due to the after shocks of the earthquake: fires outside of Camp David, agents hurt trying to get the you out of the compound, and decisions to be made.  You have always been told what to do, but now you must make decisions to save your friends and yourself.  Can you handle the situation?

Hide and Seek by Katy Grant
Hide and seek: just a child’s game to play, right?  But to Chase, hide and seek means kidnapping and danger.  Chase uses his GPS unit to find geocaches, treasures buried by others.  But when Chase finds messages in the box he discovers, he soon discovers two boys who have been kidnapped.  He is discovered by the kidnapper and taken until he gets away.  Can he safely get to a phone to call his Dad in Phoenix, Arizona?

-Ms. Cathy

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