Holiday Memories: Trains!

There is nothing like a train!  Full-sized or miniature; steam, electric, diesel, or LEGO, trains captivate the imagination.  When I was little we sometimes visited our grandparents’ for Christmas.  One year we even took the train from Minneapolis to Chicago.  What a trip!  Most exciting was sitting high in the domed observation car looking over the countryside.  There was a sleek, shiny train just like it in the railroad layout at the Museum of Science and Industry.  We spent lots of time dreaming over that setup.  It inspired our own basement train layout, where we created mountains and lakes, and constructed roads and buildings.  You can see the current model train exhibit at the museum online.

On the Blue Comet cover image

I was reminded of the trains in my past when I read Rosemary Wells’ new novel, On the Blue Comet.  Imagine if you could be transported into the world of your model trains – eat in the dining car, sleep in a roomette, and travel across the country.  Oscar Ogilvie puts his head down close to the track of his train layout.  From that perspective the trains seem so real!  How unimaginable it is when Oscar flings himself into a train layout to escape bank robbers on Christmas Eve in 1931 and boards the Blue Comet for a journey to California where his father is looking for work during the Great Depression.  This book is filled adventure and excitement.  Will Oscar find his father?  Will he be able to return to his own world and his own time?

You can listen to Rosemary Wells talk about her new book in this video.  You’ll want to check out a copy today!

-Miss Wendy

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