Memories of a Cricket in Times Square

Miss Wendy shared a wonderful article from the Sunday paper with me.  The same article is available here:

The Reading Life: Chester Cricket’s tale of the city.

In it, critic David L. Ulin writes about George Selden’s book The Cricket in Times Square and why he loves it.  I have fond memories of that book, too.  I remember my grandfather got it from the library one time when my brother and I came to visit.  When I think of that book, I think of him reading it to us at night as we lay tucked in my uncles’ old twin beds.  We were three years apart (which means more when you are approximately six and nine).  We had pretty different personalities and very different tastes, but we both loved listening to him read that book.

The link unfortunately doesn’t include the information on either side of the Chicago Tribune article, about other stories by George Selden and other books illustrated by Garth Williams.  I have not read any of Selden’s other stories, although my brother pointed out the Harry Kitten and Tucker Mouse books to me at the library; I think they were above my reading abilities at the time.

Garth Williams illustrated not only The Cricket in Times Square, but also Charlotte’s Web and the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  I always loved those illustrations as a kid, but somehow didn’t realize they were done by the same person until I took a children’s literature class in library school.  He illustrated many other books, including several picture books by Margaret Wise Brown, as well.

-Miss Sarah

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