Have you earned your free book yet?

Children who read all 20 books on the Monarch and Rebecca Caudill 2011 lists and log them into the online clubs earn a free paperback book.  They will choose a book from the nominees for the 2012 Illinois children’s choice awards.  This will happen after we open in the new building in March, because the selection committees for the 2012 nominations have not met yet.  After we have the list of 2012 nominees, we will contact the children who have earned a book to find out which nominees to order.

Bluestem Online Reading Club members:  The 2011 award winner will be announced during National Library Week in April.  Meanwhile, committee members have been working on the nominees for the 2012 award.  If you read all 20 of the books on the 2011 list, you will be eligible to choose a paperback book from the ones nominated for 2012.  We will contact you after the new library opens to ask you which 2012 title you would like to receive.

-Miss Nancy

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