Amazing Cows: Udder Absurdity for Children A Book of Bovinely Inspired Misinformation By Sandra Boynton

Amazing Cows is an offbeat picture book of pure fun!  This book focuses on cows but they are not exclusive; there are guest appearances by chickens, pigs and an occasional hippo.  It is a collection of cow stories, cow poems, and even a cow fashion spread.  There’s a song: “It Had to Be Moo.”  A game: “Find the Hidden Cows.”  Knock-knock jokes and a comic book adventure: “Trouble on Zebblor 7.”  Cow Limericks and How to Speak Cow plus so much mooer.  Plus it even shows you how to find the recording of Maurice Ravel’s “Bolero Completely Unraveled for Orchestra and Kazoos” performed by Sandra Boynton & The Highly Irritating Orchestra.  Amazing Cows is my favorite picture book of the season.  It is amazing fun that the whole family will enjoy.

-Miss Mary

Check out these equally fun Sandra Boynton’s  CDs for preschoolers:

Dog Train

Rhinoceros Tap

Philadelphia Chickens

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