The Once and Future Super Science Lab

Hello fellow scientist!  At our last Super Science Lab we learned all about the rainforest.  We were able to smell and even taste some of the products that come to us from the rainforest.  At home you can do this too!  If you have any chocolate, vanilla, sugar, cinnamon, coffee beans, or coconuts ask your parents if you can smell them or taste them and you too can get a feel for some of the products that come from the rainforest.  We also learned about the people, the animals, the weather, and the layers of the rainforest. 

To learn more at home you can go to these websites:

Rainforest Alliance

National Geographic

Kids Saving the Rainforest

You can also come to the library and check out these books:

Rainforest Romp by Tony Mitton

Life in a Rain Forest by Stuart P. Levine

Magic Tree House Research Guide: Rainforest by Will Osborne and Mary Pope Osborne

Stop by the library or call (630) 685-4181 to sign up for the next Super Science Lab We’ll be learning about the science of candy (Yum!).  While you’re at the library, sign up for the Summer Reading Program.

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