Beyond Disney movies

Sometimes the Chicago Tribune reviews DVDs that go beyond the typical Saturday morning TV shows or Disney movies.  Here are two of those reviews, and the movies they inspired us to buy:

Red, white, and blue art films were featured at the end of this roundup of new DVDs.

Red Balloon
The Red Balloon

Pascal, a French boy, befriends a red balloon that follows him everywhere.  You don’t need to worry about understanding the words, because there aren’t any.

White Mane
White Mane

Only one boy can tame the leader of a herd of wild horses.  40 minutes about horses and the people who love them, with subtitles in English.

Paddle to the Sea
Paddle to the Sea

A young Native American boy carves a small wooden man into a canoe.  The tiny craft forges its own path from Lake Superior through the Great Lakes and down to the Atlantic Ocean.

Another review describes  a new setting for the familiar question, “Daddy, can I keep him?”

The Cave of the Yellow Dog
The Cave of the Yellow Dog

A little girl in a family of nomads in Mongolia brings home a dog her father is certain killed their sheep, and he will not allow her to keep it.  It’s in Mongolian with English subtitles (and when have you ever seen that before?).

Do you have a favorite children’s movie that goes beyond typical kids’ fare?  Leave a message in the comments and let us know!

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