Listen up and read!

Reading under a tree, outdoors or at our library can bring lots of joy but also some very exciting prizes.  Have you been recording your reading progress on our website?  Books, light-up wands, and stuffed animals are waiting for you to finish reading 20 books or hours and rescue them from the library’s dark drawers.

a picture of our summer prizes

If you are going on vacation and you would like to listen to some audiobooks you should know that audiobooks also count toward your prize.  Our summer reading program will end August 6, 2011 so you need to hurry up!

Here are some suggestions for funny audiobooks that you might enjoy:

Give Peas a Chance and Other Funny Stories
Give Peas a Chance and Other Funny Stories
by Morris Gleitzman

This is a collection of fifteen stories from one of Australia’s favorite authors that will entertain the whole family.  Do you want to learn how to save the world with a plate of vegetables?  Or how to rescue your family with a tomato?  Maybe you would like to know how to do a good deed wearing a paper bag on your head.  Summer can be quite boring if you don’t come up with something original like this.  The audiobook will entertain you for 3.5 hours and is recommended for kids ages 9-12.

The New Girl
Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls: The New Girl
by Meg Cabot

After having moved with her family to a new neighborhood in a slightly weird old house, Allie is the “New Girl” at Pine Heights Elementary. Her first day at school does not go well: her fashion taste is not appreciated and Rosemary the bully picks on her.  Allie does not fear to stand up for herself and makes up her own hilarious set of rules in order to get out of situations.  Our library offers the story in printed and audiobook format.  The book is recommended for ages 9-12.

Adventures of Nanny Piggins
The Adventures of Nanny Piggins
by R. A. Spratt

Mr. Green is widower and a major cheapskate and he decides to hire a former circus pig instead of a human nanny to watch his children.  Nannie Piggins never worked as a nanny but she does have some work experience.  She was “flying pig” blasted from a canon at the circus.  The children fall in love with Nanny Piggins because she lets them eat what they want and has all sorts of marvelous, crazy  ideas.  Each chapter is a story in itself and readers will be caught up in this book’s humor and adventure.  Recommended for ages 9-12

Lawn Boy
Lawn Boy
by Gary Paulsen

At the start of this quick-moving tale from the Newbery author, a 12-year-old receives an unexpected birthday present from his grandmother: his late grandfather’s riding lawn mower.  The boy soon realizes that he can earn money mowing neighbors’ lawns—perhaps even enough to buy a new inner tube for his bike.  As each lawn job leads to another, his teacher, Arnold Howell, barters market investing and dubious local business connections.  In this way our novice entrepreneur unwittingly acquires stock in an Internet start-up and a coffin company.  This rags-to-riches success story has colorful characters, a villain, and enough tongue-in-cheek humor to make it an enjoyable selection for the whole family.  The library has the book and the Playaway are available for the public and soon we will offer the book on CD format.  The book is recommended for ages 9-12.  By the same author we have the story Masters of Disaster in printed and CD format.

-Ms. Andreea

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