Flygirl by Sherri L. Smith


Ida Mae Jones loves to fly.  She is good at it.  It is in her blood.  High above the clouds her father taught her to fly his crop duster.  Now years after her beloved father’s death she dreams of flying so she can feel close to him again.  However, the odds of that happening are stacked against her.  It is the 1940s and Ida Mae is a young Black woman living in the South.  Then on December 7th 1941, the whole world changes.  The Japanese attack Pearl Harbor and suddenly a war that seemed so far away has come very close.  So many men go off to war including Ida Mae’s brother.  She wants to do something to help.  Something more than collect nylon stockings and save bacon grease.  Then she reads about a new program the WASPS, Women Air Force Service Pilots.  Here is an opportunity to serve her country and fly.  However, as a young Black woman the WASPS are not open to her.  There is a way.  Ida Mae has a plan.  How much will that plan cost her?  Is it worth leaving everything behind, pretending to be something she is not to follow her dream?

This was a fantastic book, one I could hardly put down.

-Miss Chris

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