Family Traditions: New Year’s Eve

Do you have any special traditions to welcome the New Year?  Many families like to stay up until midnight and scream “Happy New Year!” to each other.  Some families like to eat 12 grapes (which symbolize 12 months in a year) when the countdown to midnight begins.  Other families might fondue, view fireworks, or even make a New Year’s scrapbook with all their favorite memories throughout the year.

Here is one of my family traditions:

Around ten minutes until midnight, we each grab a pot and a spoon.   Then we gather bread and pennies and place them at our front door.  When midnight comes, we all go out the back door of our home and run around the house banging our pots as loud as we can.  Then we enter the front door and grab one piece of bread and one penny.  This is our way of getting rid of the old and letting in the new!  We eat the bread in hopes that we will never go hungry, and we take one penny in hopes that we will prosper in this new year.

No matter how you celebrate your New Year’s Eve, we wish you the best!  If you would like to learn more about how New Year’s Eve is celebrated around the world, here are a few great books to check out:

book cover
Happy New Year! by Emery Bernhard, Illustrated by Durga Bernhard
J 394.2614 BER

book cover
Happy New Year by Abbie Mercer
J 394.2914 MER

-Mrs. Ashley

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