Festive Cherry Trees

This year, the U.S. marks the 100th anniversary of the mayor of Tokyo’s gift of cherry trees to Washington, D.C.  Whether or not you make it to the National Cherry Blossom Festival, you can enjoy some books celebrating cherry trees:

Paper Crafts for Presidents' Day
Paper Crafts for Presidents’ Day
by Randel McGee
We all know the story about young George Washington and the cherry tree isn’t true, but you still see lots of pictures of cherry trees in Presidents’ Day ads!  Find the directions for making a cherry tree craft any day of the year.

Thea Stilton and the Cherry Blossom Adventure
Thea Stilton and the Cherry Blossom Adventure
by Geronimo Stilton
The Thea sisters are off to Japan on a cultural exchange program.  While they’re busy exploring Kyoto and admiring the beautiful cherry blossoms, a valuable item is stolen from their friend Kumi’s family.  Will the five mice be able to catch the thief?

Pie in the Sky
Pie in the Sky
by Lois Ehlert
A father and child watch the cherry tree in their back yard, waiting until there are ripe cherries to bake in a pie.  A recipe for cherry pie is included.

How to Draw Japan's Sights and Symbols
How to Draw Japan’s Sights and Symbol
s by Betsy Dru Tecco
Find step-by-step directions for how to draw cherry blossoms.

Japan (from the series Fiesta!)
Learn about cherry blossom celebrations and other Japanese festivals.

Under the Cherry Blossom Tree
Under the Cherry Blossom Tree
retold by Allen Say
A cherry tree growing from the top of the wicked landlord’s head is the beginning of his misfortunes and a better life for the poor villagers.

The Cherry Tree Buck
The Cherry Tree Buck, and Other Stories
by Robin Moore
Grandfather tells some tall tales about the animals that live near his home.

One Hand Clapping: Zen Stories for All Ages
One Hand Clapping: Zen Stories for All Ages
by Rafe Martin
A nun camps out under the cherry trees in one of the short stories in this book.

The Gypsies’ Tale by Ethel Pochocki
A couple’s kindness to the birds outside their cottage is repaid when their faithful old cherry tree begins to die.

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