Reading is So Delicious!

Are you getting ready to have a summer filled with delicious, scrumptious …books?  The Summer Reading Program starts June 18.  Read or devour 10 books or ten hours and come to the library to choose your first prize.  For an additional 10 books or 10 hours you will get a second prize.

If you read more than that, you will get a chance in a drawing for a Family Membership at the Museum of Science and Industry.

Well, I was talking about delicious and scrumptious stuff and that makes me think of food, one of my favorite subjects.  What is your favorite summer food?

Annabel Karmel is popular British chef that wrote several cookbooks for children.  I often go to her books when I want to make something a little different for my children.  Her recipes are simple to make, healthy and tasty.  I tried many of them in the kitchen with my children, like the banana muffins, the creamy vegetable lasagna and the salmon teriyaki.

These are some of her books that we have in our collection:

The Fussy Eaters' Recipe Book
The Fussy Eaters’ Recipe Book: 135 Quick, Tasty, and Healthy Recipes that Your Kids Will Actually Eat

Princess Party Cookbook
Princess Party Cookbook: Over 100 Delicious Recipes and Fun Ideas

Mom and Me Cookbook
Mom and Me Cookbook: Have Fun in the Kitchen

You Can Cook

If you want to watch Annabel Karmel  in action, in this video she shows a delicious summer recipe:

Spinach salad with mango and strawberry

She also has an iPhone app with 120 recipes  and videos available on iTunes.

Another interesting resource about children nutrition would be the United States Department of Agriculture website

Parents who are concerned about their children’s nutrition will find useful a chart that lists the calories for mixed foods that are popular with kids like pizza, beef tacos, or an Italian sub.  This list could serve as an inspiration for some healthier choices as well.

Picky eaters are encouraged to help in the kitchen and the web-site contains a list of activities arranged by age.

Have a delicious summer!

-Ms. Andreea

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