Little hero visits our library

Andrea is a 6-year-old girl who often comes with her family at the library.        Last time when she came in, I was surprised to see that her hair was much shorter.  I asked her how come she has decided to get a haircut. With a little shy smile she said: “I donated my hair to the children that have cancer and need it”.

Her mom told me that she started to ask questions about what happens to the children who have cancer after she saw an ad about Saint Jude Hospital. Then she told her mom that she would like to donate her hair to these children.       Just a few days later, when Andrea heard that her two brothers are going to get a haircut she told her mom: “Mom I am ready to donate my hair to the children you told me about.”

In the pictures you can see Andrea with her long hair and after she donated it. Andrea donated 18 inches of her hair. Her hair will be enough to make one wig for a child. In recognition for her brave decision the cancer society gave her a little pink hair extension and she wears it in the second picture.

Andrea ready to donate her hair.


Our little hero after donating her hair.

Andrea is glad that she was able to help other children in need.

Hats off to this little girl who has shown us that compassion and generosity can start at a very young age.

Mrs. Andreea 

One response to “Little hero visits our library

  1. i am andrea’s brother francisco and i am very proud of her this my first time seeing her on the internet so I hope to see her again on the internet

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