Notes from Writer’s Workshop

Writing- Pen & Paper

Writing- Pen & Paper (Photo credit: LMRitchie)


Let it Snow!  Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Ok so we haven’t really had much snow yet but winter is here and so is the cold! Brrrr! When it’s too cold to do anything else don’t stay home and be bored. Have you ever wondered about the Young Writer’s Club? What is it? Well the Young Writer’s club is a chance for young budding authors and creative kids to get together and explore the creative side of writing. What do they do?   We look at ways writers get their ideas flowing from the first spark of inspiration to getting those ideas onto the page to get our own ideas flowing.  Is it fun? Of course it is!  With so many types of writing the fun possibilities are endless. Let’s look at just a few.  For fairytales we combined writing with acting in our own version of the Paper Bag Princess. For mystery, last month we had fun with a little GCSI (Gingerbread Crime Scene Investigation). So don’t let the cold weather keep you inside. Now is the perfect time to come to the library and see for yourself just how much fun the Young Writer’s Club is! Our next Writer’s Club is Tuesday January 22 from 4:15 to 5:00. Young writers grades 2-5 can register online or call the Children’s Desk. Hope to see you there!

-Miss Chris

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