A Day in the Life of a Preschool Student

Come to Fountaindale’s Second Annual Preschool Fair, Saturday February 23 from 1:00-3:00 p.m.!  Meet and talk to representatives from more than a dozen preschools and daycare centers in the area to help find the right fit for your child.  There will be drawings for prizes for teachers, parents, and children!

While you’re here, check out some books for your eager preschooler-to-be!

What to expect at preschool
What to Expect at Preschool by Heidi Eisenberg Murkoff

It's time for preschool
It’s Time for Preschool!  by Esme Raji Codell
A day in the life and thoughts of children in preschool.

An Annoying ABC
An Annoying ABC by Barbara Bottner
When Adelaide annoys Bailey, their entire preschool class gets upset, one child after another, until Zelda zaps Adelaide and a round of apologies begins.

3-2-1 School is Fun
3,2,1 School is Fun!  by Amana Haley
In rhymed text, children in a classroom illustrate the activities of the school day.

Miles to go
Miles to Go by Jamie Harper
Although concerned about a broken horn, young Miles makes his way to preschool in his very own car, with Mom close at hand.

Maisy Goes to Preschool
Maisy Goes to Preschool by Lucy Cousins
Maisy the mouse has a busy day at preschool dancing, painting, singing and doing other things.

Oliver at the Window
Oliver at the Window by Elizabeth Shreeve
When Oliver’s parents move into separate houses, he spends a lot of time looking out of windows with his pet lion as he adjusts to a new preschool and to living in two places.

My Preschool
My Preschool by Anne Rockwell
Follows a little boy during his day at preschool, from cheerful hellos in circle time, to painting colorful pictures and playing at the water table, to passing out paper cups for snack.

Somestimes You Get What You Want
Sometimes You Get What You Want by Lisa Brown and Meredith Gary
A brother and sister spend a day in preschool learning lessons about boundaries, such as that it is sometimes okay to make a lot of noise, but at other times one must be quiet.


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