Spring Break Fun at the Library

Out of school next week? We have special programs planned for you!

stuffed animals exploring the library
Tuesday, April 9: Spring Stuffed Animal Sleepover (and Wednesday Stuffed Animal Sleepover  Snack Time)
Children ages 4 to 7 years can bring in a stuffed animal and a caregiver!  The stuffie will spend the night at the library. When the lights go out, the toys will be exploring the library.  The children will pick up their toy friends the next day at Snack Time and watch a photo presentation of how their stuffies spent the night.  Sign up now!

lightning storm
Wednesday, April 10: SSL–Super Science Lab: Special Weather Presentation
Meteorologist Jim Allsopp from the National Weather Service will be here to discuss severe weather and his job as a meteorologist.  Drop in.

I am invited to a party!
Thursday, April 11: Elephant & Piggie Party
Listen to some stories about Gerald and Piggie, then enjoy activities like balancing a nest on your head, dressing up for a party, and playing catch with a snake.  Sign up now!

lego bricks
Friday, April 12: Build It!
No need to sign up– drop in to build with LEGO or DUPLO blocks.

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