April is National Poetry Month!

Poem in Your Pocket Day!

April showers bring May flowers, but April is wonderful for more than rain.  National Poetry Month is a celebration of poets and poetry for the entire month of April.  So get out of the rain and come into the library as we celebrate long poems, short poems, funny poems, serious poems and even poems about the rain.  Make sure to join us Thursday, April 18, for Poem in Your Pocket Day!  It’s a simple idea; select a poem you love and carry it with you to share with family and friends all day long.  Come to the library, share a poem, and find new favorites.  We will have poems for you to read and pockets for you to make and fill with new poems.  Do not let April showers get you down.  Come to the library and find a sunny poem for your pocket on a rainy day.

-Miss Chris

3 responses to “April is National Poetry Month!

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