Great Events This Month!

Children’s Services is hosting excellent entertainment outside of the library so everyone can drop on in!  All of the programs listed here start at 2:00 p.m.

On Tuesday, June 18, the wonderful entertainer Jim Gill, who drew a record crowd two years ago, returns with accompanist Don Stille to Central Park Pavilion, behind Annerino Community Center, 201 Recreation Drive in Bolingbrook.  So for a rollicking afternoon of songs and laughter, come to the back of Annerino Center, The library has many of Jim’s recordings for you to check out!  His songs are our favorites at Storytimes!

Bob Kann the Clown

Bob Kann the Clown (Photo credit: Alameda County Library)

On Thursday, June 20, Bob Kann brings us Invitation: Travel the World with Books!  Bob blends storytelling, magic, juggling, and audience participation while he shows us how books open the world to everyone!  Come to the Annerino Center gymnasium, 201 Recreation drive, Bolingbrook, and take a journey with Bob Kann.

Kidworks Touring Theatre Co. arrives in our town on Tuesday, June 25, to perform Peace Tales Around the World.  This show will also be in the Annerino Center gym and will invite lots of audience participation as we all go on fun-filled, multicultural expeditions to Africa, the Middle East, India, China, Mexico, and Native America as stories, dances and traditions of these areas of the world come alive!

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