App of the Month

Child using a low cost tablet computer in ThailandiTouchiLearn Life Skills: Morning routines for preschool kids
iPad, iPhone, Android, Nook HD and Kindle Fire

How often parents wish that their kids will follow a routine without being reminded all the time?  This app is very useful because it’s designed to help young kids become independent and master the morning routines.  Animated scenes walk kids through the various tasks that they have to do in the morning.  Kids receive virtual rewards for each task that has been completed correctly.

Parents will notice that kids might start to do parts of the morning routine that they may not have enjoyed before.  One catchy  song from the app is “Ready for School” sung to the tune of “Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush.”

This application teaches initiative, encourages self-esteem, personal growth and time management.

If they want to personalize their routine, kids can include more songs from our collection.

These CD’s might help you and your kids sing louder in front of the mirror.

My favorite song is “Brush Your Teeth” by Raffi, from Singable Songs for the Very Young.
Singable Songs for the Very Young

Try also Crazy Hair Day: Original Songs and Story by Barney Salzberg.
Crazy Hair Day Original Song and Story

Look What I Can Do! Songs for  Daily Activities by William Janiak has lots of good songs like “We Wash Our Face” and “I’m Getting Big Now.”

Take it Outside
Take It Outside by The Okee Dokee Brothers has fun songs like “Bluegrass for Breakfast” and “Wash Your Face.”

Playhouse Disney Imagine and Learn with Music
Playhouse Disney: Imagine and Learn with Music, “The Breakfast Song.”

Radio Wayne
Radio Wayne by Wayne Brandy: “Good Morning (Around the World),” “Say Please,” “Wash Your Hands.”

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