Have you met Josefina?

Meet Josefina

In Honor of Hispanic Heritage Month I would like to introduce you to the American Girl Figure, Josefina Montoya.  Josefina’s stories take place in the New Mexico Territory, the year 1824.  Josefina is the youngest of four sisters, living with her Papa.  After her mothers’ death, Tia (Aunt) Dolores comes to help Papa on their Rancho, and support the girls as they grow up.  Like all nine-year-old girls, Josefina and her pet goat, Florecita, have many great adventures together while growing up in the Southwest.  Through the six traditional books and subsequent short-stories, you can learn what life was like for immigrant families, faithful tradition shared by the Hispanic culture, family life on a ranch and what it might be like as the English settlers from the East begin to explore the western frontier.  The books have integrated the Spanish language throughout the text in an easy-to-follow pattern, so that the reader can learn a bit of Spanish vocabulary with ease.   I encourage  you come and see what you can learn about our past, in an effort to understand and build a brighter future for all.

To play historical games based on the Josefina please visit:


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