Apps in Spanish for the Nooks

For our friends who speak Spanish we have some new interactive ebooks that we offer on our ready to check-out Nooks.

secretosSecretos de la Luna is an interactive story with touchable animations that encourages children’s imagination. The dreamy illustrations, the beautiful music and text inspires pleasant thoughts and dreams for anyone. This book is recommended for ages 4 and up.

ImageLa fabrica de caramelos is a nice ebook for kids that are 6 years old and up.

This story is about two children who one night are staring out of their window. All of a sudden they get wrapped up and swept away by a giant cloud of pink cotton candy! After falling down in a tunnel, they find themselves in a mysterious candy factory.

At the factory, the children encounter fuzzy little creatures that reveal the extraordinary secrets of a new sweet world!  The story unfolds with elaborate visual effects where touchable objects burst into fantastic things!

With 17 pages of interactive fun, this is a must-read morality tale for children as they’ll learn how generosity triumphs over greed, and the hazards of excessive consumption.

Mrs. Andreea

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