Library Program – Candid Camera – Boo! Ha-ha!

We wanted to celebrate April’s Fools Day with a fun program.  So on a nice Saturday, the kids who are coming to the Boo!Ha-ha! program and I, thought to play some pranks at the library. We set up some cameras from Studio 300 to record the fun moments and here is our video. Make sure you have the sound on to hear the “chipmunk” voices.

The “Handy” Book Return Box. Kids made two teams, the blue and the red. Kids from one team were asked to return books to a return box called “The Handy Book Return Box”.  A kid from the other team was hiding in the return box. When one kid tried to return a book the other kid that was hiding in the box was supposed to do something to surprise the other.

Cat at the library?!? Kids were asked to find a book in a quiet area of the library. When they came close to the right place, they heard different sounds like a cat meow, a ghost sound or footsteps.  The sound files for this prank were organized on a playlist in iTunes on an iPhone.  Kids from the other team were hiding on the other side of the shelf and operated the iPhone.  The suspense increased when they knocked down books off the shelf by mistake and it seemed that an invisible force was pushing them.

Find the treasure. The kids from one team were asked to come one by one and find a “treasure” outside the library, on the ground.  The coin that they were supposed to find was stuck to the ground.  The other team was watching and recording the prank from a room with good visibility. We had fun watching how our friends tried to get off the coin from the ground.

In springtime everyone is planting something. How about getting seeds for a bush that makes doughnuts? This is what we made to give away to our parents and friends:


After so much work, a snack at the end of the program is always a good idea therefore I offered them some Cheetos 😉


To their surprise when they opened the bags, they found a very healthy snack : carrots!

Our next Boo! Ha-ha! is going to be called “May the 4th be with you”. All Jedais are invited. Are you coming? Click here to sign up:

Mrs. Andreea


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