New on our Nooks: Learn Spanish Words

Learn Spanish Words KidsThis month we are presenting two new apps to learn Spanish for young children. The Learn Spanish Words app series is designed with young children in mind but it can be used by older kids and adults as well. The app offers a choice of flashcards and kids have to choose the right word from 2-4 options. The fact that each word on a flashcard is pronounced twice reinforces learning. The goal of the game is to score 3 stars at the end of each session. The categories include the following basic topics: animals, numbers, colors, body parts, shapes, household, fruits, meal time, weather, ocean, and clothing. The second game expands the vocabulary to other categories like  school, outdoors, tools, transportation, vegetables, positions, movement, music, shapes, and sports. Reading skills are not necessary to play this app, instead real life pictures are given as clues.
This is a fun app that will give children a basic vocabulary and enable them to start speaking Spanish at a young age. Check out a Nook from the Children’s Services Department desk and try them!

learn spanish words kids 2

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