Interactive telling time – Nook App

tell timeLearning to tell time on analogical clocks could be a challenging process for young children. If you check out one of our Nooks you will find this fun and interactive app that will help them immensely to understand the concept. When they master successfully the skills, the  children are rewarded for their progress with a creature in a digital aquarium.  How fun! The graphical interface and the clocks have been hand drawn by artists, while the content and the learning process has been developed by educators with input from school teachers and moms’ groups. The result is a highly educative app that teaches kids concepts like o’clock, midnight, half past, quarter to, past to, the 12 hour and 24 hour notation and many other time related concepts. Five difficulty levels make this app appropriate for a wide range of ages from 4 to 12.

From the settings the app can be set to work in various languages English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese.

Children will learn how to set time on an analogical clock when given a digital time, solve puzzles and quizzes or adjust a fast clock at the right time.

I really enjoyed the section “Learn clock” because the information is well structured and presented very clearly. I would recommend parents to start with this section first because it eliminates any confusion kids might have and then continue with the games for a great success.

Mrs. Andreea




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