Toy Hacking for Tweens & Teens

Join us on Tuesday, November 4 from 2 – 4 pm in Meeting Room A for        Toy Hacking.  This program is for tweens and teens in 4th – 12th grade.

Get creative as we take apart old toys and give them new life.  Tweens and Teens will be re-inventing toys by combining bits and pieces from different toys.  Just like Sid Phillips from Toy Story, only less scary.  We will also use markers, duct tape, foam, glue and more in your toy transformations.  We’ll have toys on hand, but attendees can bring in their own toys, random toy pieces or parts to add to our creations.

Here is an example of a Toy Hack. We started with a pink Disney princess tea pot.  We used a black sharpie, several types of duct tape/tape, buttons, washers, glue, and beads to create a tea pot fit for an evil queen.

Toy Hacking Example (1)

To register, please contact Children Services at   630-685-4181 or Teen Services at  630-685-4199.  A toy themed movie will be playing on the big screen while we toy hack!  Snacks will be available during the program. See you there!


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