Mrs. Andreea’s favorite Christmas memory

CarolingThe sky is full of glistening stars and when I look up at the silvery moon I can see my breath in the cold air.  I am walking with my friends to sing carols on Christmas Eve.  We learn from each other songs that have been passed from generation to generation.  Sometimes we make up new rhymes and burst into laughing when they sound funny.

We get to a house that is shimmering with decorations and we try to reach the doorbell.  It is too high and none of us can reach it.  We look at the youngest of us, and decide to lift him up to push the button.  He tries to run away but his puffy snowsuit and heavy boots are not helping him.  We promise him an extra sweet treat and we lift him up.

Before the bell rings, the door opens suddenly.  A frowning lady is looking at our little human pyramid that is about to crumble in surprise.  We look at her with stunned big eyes, the little one still has his finger in the air.  Then she smiles at us, and invites us inside to sing.  We can see the wonderful decorated Christmas tree and it smells like freshly baked cookies.  We sing as beautifully as we can, our voices resonate in the two story foyer.  She gives us traditional, homemade pretzels that are held together by a string.  When we get outside we share bits of the pretzels with our dog who jumps around in joy.

This is one of the Christmas memories that always makes me smile, I enjoyed singing carols with my friends.  The carols I have learned then, I sing them with my children.

Happy Holidays!

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