Searching for Paddington

Paddington bearThis winter my family and I traveled to London and Romania for vacation.

On one wintery night we went to the movie theater and decided to watch the movie Paddington. It happens that the movie was released in Europe on Dec 5th, and my kids were thrilled to see it.  They were familiar with the books that have been written by Michael Bond since 1958 and they loved the illustrations.

The movie is about Paddington, an abandoned teddy bear who comes from the “darkest Peru.” He is discovered by the Brown family at the Paddington Railway Station in London. He is found sitting on his suitcase with a note attached to his coat that reads: “Please look after this bear. Thank you.”

This teddy bear is a very polite character, who likes to eat marmalade and has an infinite capacity for getting into trouble.

Jonathan and Judy are the two children of the Brown family that decide to help Paddington. The teddy bear and his friends go through a lot of suspenseful adventures from floods, to fires, to being chased by an attractive scientist from the Museum of Natural History who is a taxidermist (Nicole Kidman).

The movie impressed our kids and they kept referring to Paddington’s adventures during our vacation. At the end of our vacation we had plans to visit London. We decided to include on our trip a visit to the famous train station that gave the name to the beloved teddy bear.

My kids walked around the station recognizing places from the movie. While I admired the 19th century architecture they were looking to possibly recognize the place where Paddington had been left. Even the pigeons were chased because: ”These are the pigeons that always want to eat Paddington’s sandwich!” It was a lot of fun to connect the movie with a real place. Here are some pictures we took at the Paddington Railway Station having only the teddy bear in our minds:






This is a movie for the whole family with lots of good music, beautiful graphics, talented actors and a story about how to adapt and accept differences.

Mrs. Andreea

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