Library program: Boo! Ha! Ha! First Light

JacketSaturday, March 7

1:30—2:15 p.m.

Grades 2-5

This book series is about a boy who goes on an expedition to Greenland with his father who studies glaciars and his mom who is a geneticist.  There he discovers a secret society who lives under ice. These people have special powers but they have been driven to nearly extinction . The boy will lead the underground people to find light above the ice.

Based on this book series we will make our special LED light projects and paint with light in the dark.

Some of you came last month when we had another very exciting project, we dissected owl pellets. Here is a video from our program that shows our           icky-yucky-oh-so-exciting findings:

So if you are passionate reader and you like science and technologies, join our Boo! Ha! Ha! Club every month.

Call  to register (630)685-4190 or go online at the library’s website!


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