Boo! Ha! Ha! program – Insects

Hello friends,
Boo! Ha! Ha!What are you doing this Saturday? I would like to invite you to another exciting Boo! Ha! Ha! program. This time we are going to link this intriguing book series with activities related to science and entomology. Here is the information:
Like juice bug on burger
Saturday, April 4

1:30—2:15 p.m.

Grades 2-5

This book is about a child who goes on a summer camp where she has to adjust to lots of bugs, teach other kids swimming  and sleep in a lumpy sleeping bag.

Based on this fun book we will study under the microscope some interesting hexapods (insects) and make our special glow in the dark firefly.

So come at the library to have some educational fun and learn about insects!
Next month on Saturday, May 2nd it will be our last Boo! Ha! Ha!  We will celebrate the Star Wars series with a fun program called “May the 4th be with you”.
See you soon,
Mrs. Andreea

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